May Day

Article submitted by Amazing Interior Design May 1 of each year countries around the world conduct demonstrations to celebrate labor rights. May Day is also known as the International Workers’ Day. Communist bloc countries such as Cuba and Russia are among countries that holds massive May Day rallies. Even though most Americans don’t realize, […]

Europe’s migrant crisis is overheating

An estimated more than 40,000 migrants have landed in many parts of Europe recently, mostly landing in Italy and Greece. They continue to come into Europe from conflicted areas including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many African counties. Many are coming in make shift boats and have been rescued at sea. Many lives have been lost […]

UK election results tell a troubling story

Sharing power has been the norm for the United Kingdom (UK) for years. But recently concluded UK elections gave enough seats in the parliament for the current Conservative party Prime Minister David Cameron to form a government without having to seek help from any other party. It may be somewhat unexpected but the win has […]

Migrant crisis brewing in the Mediterranean Sea

Stories of migrant tragedies happening daily in the Mediterranean Sea are dominating newspapers and the Internet. The issue has become the latest European crisis. From the North African coast to southern coast of Italy and Greece, reports of capsized boats carrying migrants mainly from the African continent are coming across news media daily. So far […]

Yemen is in turmoil

Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula is in crisis. Competing forces are fighting for power inside the country while Saudi Arabia, the neighbor to the North is shelling the country to stop Iranian foothold in the country. Fight for power in Yemen has consequences for neighbors as well as countries throughout the world. Forces loyal to […]

Jihadi John identified

The U.S. authorities have identified the brutal killer Jihadi John in ISIS videos as 27-year old British man named Mohammed Emwazi. He appeared in highly publicized video beheadings by the ISIS. He is responsible for beheadings of number of captives in 2013 and 2014. Born in Kuwait in 1988, Emwazi came to the United Kingdom […]

Nuclear deal with Iran is likely

The United States and world powers known as P5+1 including Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany and the European Union are continuing their negotiations for a framework for a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. Final phase of the negotiations for a frame work agreement are still continuing in Switzerland. In November 2013, Iran […]

Saudi King Abdullah dies at age 90

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah died on January 23, 2015 at age 90. He was buried in an unmarked grave according to Islamic customs. He has been ruling the kingdom since 1996 and became the King in 2005, after his half-brother’s death from a debilitating heart attack few years back. Saudi Arabia is crucial for the […]

The great 2014 hack of Sony Pictures

Hacking of Sony Pictures computer system in early December 2014 dominated the Internet and newspaper headlines. Not only hackers were able to access private emails of key employees which were later published embarrassing many of them. Hackers threatened to publish personal information if Sony Pictures do not stop the planned Christmas Day release of satirical […]