An Working from Home be as Productive as Working from the Office

Lucy Lyle, the founder of Perch (a consumer workplace goods company), said, “Your workspace at home should be designed for three things: focus, organization, and aesthetics.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Eliminate distractions, make sure everything you need is easy to find, and don’t be afraid to choose furnishings that look beautiful. You’ll be happier at work […]

The best practices for responding to negative reviews on review websites

Responding correctly to negative feedback can help customers gain trust and continue to choose a business or brand over its competitors. A properly handled negative review can additionally gain the trust of current customers while improving the business’s reputation. The best practices below will help any business respond to negative reviews with professionalism and politeness. […]

Brand Reputation: How to protect your key asset

Article provided by A business’s reputation is a key aspect to its success as it impacts all aspects of a business from customer service procedures, staff management, recruitments, and product/service features. Negative feedback or press releases can be damaging for a business because online content will be seen by many for a long time. […]

Hiring a Construction Manager

Article written by Better Some businesses will prefer to hire a construction manager to assist in supervising extensive construction projects. An experienced construction manager can help you on site, trouble shoot and keep the team motivated while providing clear direction to complete a project on time. A construction manager is less costly than a […]

Why Individual Reputation Management is Important

Article by Fix Bad Reputation Individual reputation is becoming as important as brand management. Here are some tips to help you track the reputation of your executives, and put out fire storms before they become a problem for you. Digital Footprint Every business, and its executives, is leaving a digital foot print behind every time […]

Construction claims management and avoidance

Written by Lyle Charles Construction disputes or delays can prove to be costly and can involve many parties. Therefore to manage construction claims, it is important to hire competent construction claims consultants to ensure a positive outcome. The consultant you hire should possess the experience to identify, analyze, prepare, and present claims and disputes in construction […]

Criticisms of the 1890 Antitrust Act

The Antitrust Act of 1890, also known as “The Sherman Act,” is an important piece of legislation that guides antitrust law today. It’s also highly divisive, with intentionally simple language meant to mimic common law. “Restraint of trade” is a concept that frequently comes into play. At the time, journalists were highly critical of what […]

What is Aggregate Demand?

By Samuel Phineas Upham Understanding the limits of demands for a particular good is an important part of macroeconomics. If a country has an export, it needs to consider how important that good is to both the rest of the world and the local economy. The aggregate demand represents how much households are willing to […]

Tim Cook’s Quiet Ascension Through the Ranks of Apple

By Phineas Upham Tim Cook told the graduating class of Auburn University in 2010 that joining Apple led him to the most significant discovery in his life. He’d joined Apple 15 years before, and would soon become the CEO of the company. Cook graduated from Auburn in 1960, so the speech was a return to […]

Fante Klare Zitrone: Great Lymon Taste

By Phineas Upham Sprite is actually a German beverage. It was developed in West Germany in 1959, where it was known by the moniker “Fante Klare Zitrone,” or “Clear Lemon Fanta” in English. 7-Up had been gaining steady popularity in the United States during the late fifties and early sixties, so Coca-Cola needed a product […]