The great 2014 hack of Sony Pictures

Hacking of Sony Pictures computer system in early December 2014 dominated the Internet and newspaper headlines. Not only hackers were able to access private emails of key employees which were later published embarrassing many of them. Hackers threatened to publish personal information if Sony Pictures do not stop the planned Christmas Day release of satirical movie, “The Interview,” which revolves around an attempt to murder the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un. Sony cancelled the release mainly due to refusal of major movie theaters to screen the movie based on security threats. The US government quickly blamed North Korean government for the hacking. It argued that the work resembles some previous attacks including August 2012 attack on energy sector and June 25, 2013 “DarkSeoul” South Korea attack.

However, there emerged a new theory that it was not the North Korean government that hacked Sony computers but it was a work of a disgruntled Sony employee who was about to get a pink slip. They argue that US government’s reluctance to give more details to back its claim, lack of details, and lack of technical data leads to believe it is a work of someone other than North Korea.