Finding the Right Mediator for Your Claim

When it comes to hiring the right type of mediator for your claims case, it’s important that you look at their qualifications – which matters a lot actually. Because their skills and techniques will vary according to their personality type and experience, you’ll want to make sure that you hire the right type of mediator […]

Where are the missing students from Guerrero?

The September 26, 2014 disappearance of 43 student protesters from a teacher training college in Guerrero state in Mexico still hasn’t being resolved. Family and friends as well as activists are marching everywhere in the country demanding justice. The mayor and his wife of the town of Iguala have been taken into custody for the […]

Solving Legal Disputes Over Construction

Construction projects are not prone to legal disputes, but they do happen in the industry. Contractors try their best to follow protocol, but deadlines are tight and materials sometimes don’t arrive when they need to. That’s not counting the host of problems that can happen during the planning or execution phase. Disputes eat up valuable […]

Streets of Egypt once again filled with demonstrators

Egyptians once again took to the streets in massive demonstrations in Cairo and other major cities throughout the country demanding that President Mohamed Mursi resign. He has been selected as the first Egyptian president elected by the public a year ago. Certain questionable actions including excessive power grab, taking a direction dominated by the Muslim […]