Europe’s migrant crisis is overheating

An estimated more than 40,000 migrants have landed in many parts of Europe recently, mostly landing in Italy and Greece. They continue to come into Europe from conflicted areas including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and many African counties. Many are coming in make shift boats and have been rescued at sea. Many lives have been lost trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea recently. The sheer number of migrants has reached a crisis level and countries in the European Union (EU) are responding though somewhat slowly. Migrants are expected to move from Italy and Greece into other EU countries over next two years. Poor EU countries such as Bulgaria and Hungary will not accept migrants.

Conditions at migrant camp sites have been explained as deplorable. Many migrants are beginning to riot asking for food, health and other basic needs. Many are trying to get into Britain through available modes of transportation. Calle in France has become the jumping point into Britain and the British government is sending enforcement for security and to stop migrants jumping into their country. Finding solutions for the crisis at hand may not be easy and many international organizations are helping EU countries to deal with the problem.