Why Claim Presentation Should Not Be Ignored

Summary: When filing a construction claim you should always put an emphasis on how you draft it. Presentation can play a large role in how it is received. When something goes wrong during the process of executing a construction project, such as an unintended delay, an injury, or an issue regarding payments, you might need […]

Private mediation and its benefits

Written by Lyle Charles Mediation tries to help the disputants to reach their own agreement outside the context of a court. The mediator helps to organize and exchange the information while examining the positions, goals and solutions of both parties. Private mediation has a number of benefits and they are. They are non-binding – The mediator […]

Construction claims management and avoidance

Written by Lyle Charles Construction disputes or delays can prove to be costly and can involve many parties. Therefore to manage construction claims, it is important to hire competent construction claims consultants to ensure a positive outcome. The consultant you hire should possess the experience to identify, analyze, prepare, and present claims and disputes in construction […]

Disputes Over Steel Fabrication: How to Solve Them

The challenge with structural steel is that analysis can be difficult without proper testing and use. It could be years after a structure is completed that faulty steel presents a problem. If proper testing is conducted, a structural steel expert can determine the point of failure and assess proper damages to help with any legal […]

Getting a Construction Consulting Business Started

Construction consultants are expected to grow on or just below the average job growth pace for the next ten years, so more construction workers are looking to break into this field. If you have on the job experience, and you enjoy problem solving for construction projects (where the stakes can be quite high), then consulting […]

Tips for Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Now that it’s obvious nothing will save the marriage, the time has come to find a divorce attorney Long Beach CA. For those who have never had to deal with this type of legal matter, the process may seem difficult. Here are some tips that will help. Family Lawyers Handle Divorces Before spending a lot […]

Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to review the Federal subsidies under the President Obama’s signature legislation known as Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obama Care. The case before the highest court is King v. Burwell which will be heard by the court on March 4, 2015. If the plaintiff prevails millions of […]

When to Use Mediation in a Construction Dispute

Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting Summary: Disputes in construction & turnaround services are easier to resolve when you utilize mediation. In construction, time is money. Avoiding trial is par for the course as firms try to find a legal resolution without ruining a relationship. The solution to this challenge is private mediation. Mediation is useful […]

Construction Claims and the Mediation Process Simplified

If you’re facing a construction claim or dispute, it can seem like the process is unfairly stacked against you. You may not understand what you need to prove your side, and you could inadvertently risk damaging relationships with important suppliers and builders. Even a simple dispute can mean hours of construction claim preparation. That kind […]