Yemen is in turmoil

Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula is in crisis. Competing forces are fighting for power inside the country while Saudi Arabia, the neighbor to the North is shelling the country to stop Iranian foothold in the country. Fight for power in Yemen has consequences for neighbors as well as countries throughout the world.

Forces loyal to the forced out President Hadi are fighting with a group known as Houthis who caused the Sunni President to flee the country and forces loyal to the former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Houthis are reportedly backed by Iran and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is opposing native Shia Houthis, especially in the south and the south-east. Yemeni security forces are split between the two groups. The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) is also active in Yemen and they are trying to oust AQAP. Activities of all these groups have resulted in increase of suicide bombings in the capital city of Sanaa in March 2015. Houthis and rebel forces attacked the President’s stronghold in the south, Aden, in March too. After these incidents a coalition led by the Saudi Arabia started an aerial bombing campaign on Houthis targets. Five Arab states are reportedly included in the coalition including Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.