COVID-19 anxiety syndrome

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL After over a year of facing restrictions, several people are finding it difficult to adapt to “normal life”. Covid-19 anxiety syndrome has become a common mental condition that involves compulsive checking and staying indoors, although risks are minimal. Other symptoms of this syndrome include anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic […]

Tips on how to handle dental anxiety

Article written by Elite Dental Group. Most often patients feel uneasy about dental work due to painful or intrusive dental procedures in the past. However, modern dentistry is relatively pain-free as innovative dental equipment and new treatment options aim to ensure that patients are comfortable during and after the procedure. If you face dental anxiety, consider […]

Create Abundance With a Thankful Heart

One teaching that you hear much about these days is being grateful and the power of thankfulness. Though these may sound like new concepts, they’ve actually been around for centuries. Ancient Chinese philosophers talked about the power of gratefulness. One of their foundational truths has always been how incredible it is to simply say thank […]

Economic cost of Ebola still rising

The Ebola outbreak in West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia not only killed thousands of people but also infected scores of others with the virus. Daily life in those counties came to a virtual halt. The devastation is now being shown in economies of the affected countries. Total economic costs for those […]

Measles outbreak in the US

At the last count 14 states have been reported cases of measles. The outbreak has been linked to Disneyland in California. According to many sources there are more than 500 suspected cases and more than 90 have been infected with the virus. 2014 has been the worst year for measles and the average number of […]

The United States military to help with Ebola

Heeding calls by affected West African nations, the United States is sending its troops to help with Ebola crisis. The first group of the military will be going to Liberia. The deployment will include 3,000 army troops and personnel in various categories. It is part of a multi-million dollar program to fight Ebola that was […]

Deadly outbreak of Ebola in West Africa

For the second time in the recent past, another deadly outbreak of Ebola is taking hold of West African nations of Sierra Leon, Liberia and Guinea. Scores of people have been infected, few died from the virus and neighboring Nigeria fears the spread of the virus within its borders. Ebola or Ebola hemorrhagic fever is […]

Fixes to

Computer software glitches prevented enrollment of many prospective seekers of Federal healthcare coverage in November and some part of December 2013. It appears that many of the state run exchanges performed well with minor issues compared the Federal exchange. The Obama Administration took quick actions to fix many of the problems, a reaction to a […]