Can jihadi “John” identify using voice recognition software?

After several highly published jihadi beheadings, the British government is reportedly using voice recognition techniques to identify the jihadist in many YouTube videos. All beheadings were appears to be carried out by the same jihadist with a London accent. This British accent is known as Multicultural London English (MLE). Many non-native speakers use MLE. Many call the beheadings as barbaric and intelligence services all over Western world are trying to identify the jihadi. The latest beheading took place in August 2014 with the killing of an American journalist, James Foley.

Voice recognition software can help not only to identify the person but also to decide where he lived before joining the jihadists. Voice recognition software uses triangulation techniques to compare YouTube videos of all beheadings and other available recordings of interviews, conversations etc. Americans as well as British intelligence services are collaborating in a joint effort to recognize jihadi John using software for quite some time. Even with added technology, intelligence services are facing a daunting task. Agencies on both sides of the Atlantic are concerned what will happen if these jihadists make it back to their shores again with lots of war related training.