Hiring a Construction Manager

Article written by Better Backyards.com

Some businesses will prefer to hire a construction manager to assist in supervising extensive construction projects. An experienced construction manager can help you on site, trouble shoot and keep the team motivated while providing clear direction to complete a project on time.

A construction manager is less costly than a general contractor because they will not take on any risk. However, a good construction manager will help you reduce risks and manage costs, but the responsibility of the entire project still rests with the owner. Owners will have to own problems relating to scheduling, workmanship, conflicts, changes, and overruns.

There can be some construction managers who receive a markup from a subcontractor’s work. Markups can be reduced if the project also includes an employee who manages the quotes and selects subcontractors with the help of the construction manager.

When hiring a construction manager, consider their qualifications, experience and how well they come recommended by reputed organizations. Looking at these aspects will provide you with a strong list of potential construction managers who will meet your project goals.

Although there are some disadvantages from hiring a construction manager Lyle Charles Consulting states that the pros outweigh the cons. Construction managers will save a project money, the owner has more control over the work, and your construction manager will have your interest in mind.