The best practices for responding to negative reviews on review websites

Responding correctly to negative feedback can help customers gain trust and continue to choose a business or brand over its competitors. A properly handled negative review can additionally gain the trust of current customers while improving the business’s reputation.

The best practices below will help any business respond to negative reviews with professionalism and politeness.

Be professional – Showing customers that the company cares for their welfare can make a customer’s negative experience a lot more manageable. Always ensure customer service staff are trained to be polite, friendly, and empathetic to customers at all times. Negative reviews should be viewed as an opportunity for a business’s customer service team to shine.

Be clear and error-free – To reduce a customer misreading a response, consider using basic language without acronyms. Spell checking and running Grammarly can help to clear any mistakes that can change the meaning of a response.

Positive reviews – Positive reviews should be valued and responded to as they improve the customer’s relationship with the business.

Address major complaints – Speak to the website’s administration if a review seems inappropriate and includes bad language or sounds aggressive. If the review is legitimate, apologize and ask for more information to clarify the situation. It is also advised to speak to the customer directly instead of responding publicly online.

Avoid emotional responses – Avoid emotionally responding to a review as the company’s responses are viewed by the public. Instead, wait a few hours and write a review that addresses the issue in a polite professional manner.

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