Construction claims management and avoidance

lylecharles6Written by Lyle Charles

Construction disputes or delays can prove to be costly and can involve many parties. Therefore to manage construction claims, it is important to hire competent construction claims consultants to ensure a positive outcome. The consultant you hire should possess the experience to identify, analyze, prepare, and present claims and disputes in construction and engineering projects. If you hire a construction claims consultants at the start of your project, they will follow the process below to avoid and manage claims.

Preconstruction analysis – This process will include areas such as detailed reviews of the contract documents, contract schedule, change orders and directives. Consultants will also request for information that is not on file plus pertinent correspondence.

Pre-project risk assessment – This process will involve a detailed analysis of the contract documents, value engineering, and rigorous construction management processes. This is done to minimize the chance of major claims.

Claim analysis – Once a construction dispute occurs, it often involves many third parties. Claims can take the form of technical issues, schedule or program delays, economic damages, time impacts, and contract interpretation. Expert consultants will be able to explain these issues in simple terms and present their analysis. They will also assist to prepare for trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation, dispute review boards, or negotiations. This knowledge will provide the client with the confidence to take on claims, which will most often result in a favorable outcome.

Look to hire construction claims consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling construction projects similar to yours.


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