An Working from Home be as Productive as Working from the Office

Lucy Lyle, the founder of Perch (a consumer workplace goods company), said, “Your workspace at home should be designed for three things: focus, organization, and aesthetics.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Eliminate distractions, make sure everything you need is easy to find, and don’t be afraid to choose furnishings that look beautiful. You’ll be happier at work that way.”

After the pandemic, many companies decided to continue with a large remote workforce, which has been successful worldwide. During Covid-19, many employees set up home offices and became familiar with Zoom meetings, which have now become the norm. However, staff members working from home must follow and practice good habits.

One such habit is to create a productive space in the home with few distractions, stay organized, and take pride in your surroundings. Make sure the area is decorated appropriately and has enough natural light. Give your desk a wipe-down with a damp cloth daily to keep it clean and tidy.

An important part of being a successful remote worker is to take regular breaks to give your body a chance to stretch, and your eyes need to take a break from the screen. Lucy Lyle explains that exercising is a good way to start the day, whether it’s a gym workout, a jog, a brisk walk, or a cycle to give yourself a boost and pump up your endorphins. This stimulation is what the brain needs to get through the workday, and exercise has a positive effect on your body, giving you longevity and focus.

Don’t skip meals; take 20 minutes to have a wholesome breakfast, or eat your sandwich outside or in another part of the house. Use mealtime to move away from your workstation and have a change of scenery. This will give you the added energy needed for a long day at the computer.