Why Individual Reputation Management is Important

Article by Fix Bad Reputation

Individual reputation is becoming as important as brand management. Here are some tips to help you track the reputation of your executives, and put out fire storms before they become a problem for you.

Digital Footprint

Every business, and its executives, is leaving a digital foot print behind every time a comment or statement is made online. This footprint can extend for many years, so there may be things in the past that can resurface as the company gains market share. Reputation management involves digging deep into the results that a search engine serves in search of those small PR gaffes. Go past page one and do individual searches for your executives by name to see what their history looks like. Identify items that need cleaning, and then develop a plan to work past those road blocks.

Thought Leaders

An executive can brand himself as a thought leader in the industry to try to gain some relevant exposure. Posting a well-researched study or a factual article can boost the credibility of the entire company. You can retain a copywriter to perform this service for you, or you can engineer a blog post of your own. Don’t get bogged down in day-to-day posts, try to keep your content relevant and hard hitting.

Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is a lot like a snowball, and if you don’t pay attention to it the problem can grow. Monitoring your brand with words like “scam” or “dispute” attached to the query may uncover individual blog posts or social media posts where customers are calling you out on perceived poor service. Find these disputes and reach out to these customers privately to resolve them.

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