Falling oil prices

World oil prices are continuing its slide from a record high of over $130 a barrel of Brent crude in 2008 to a $60 a barrel in early December 2014. It was less than $25 a barrel in 1987. Major economies that are feeling the pinch include oil exporting countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, […]

The great 2014 hack of Sony Pictures

Hacking of Sony Pictures computer system in early December 2014 dominated the Internet and newspaper headlines. Not only hackers were able to access private emails of key employees which were later published embarrassing many of them. Hackers threatened to publish personal information if Sony Pictures do not stop the planned Christmas Day release of satirical […]

The US is easing arms embargo to Vietnam

In early October 2014, the United States announced that it is easing certain parts of the arms embargo against Vietnam. The easing of the policy comes after 40 years after the Vietnam War. The easing will help Vietnam to improve its maritime security and allow defense articles to be shipped to Vietnam in the future. […]

Jihadi killings worldwide on the rise

According to the BBC, several thousand people including innocent children and women are killed every month worldwide by jihadists. Four of the most affected countries include Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Syria. Many of the killings are done by extremists groups including Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban and the Islamic State (IS) militants. The sad part of […]

The United States military to help with Ebola

Heeding calls by affected West African nations, the United States is sending its troops to help with Ebola crisis. The first group of the military will be going to Liberia. The deployment will include 3,000 army troops and personnel in various categories. It is part of a multi-million dollar program to fight Ebola that was […]

Fall of Berlin Wall, 25 years later

It has been 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall reuniting East and West Germany. Berlin Wall that physically, politically and economically divided East and West and existed for more than three decades fell in November 1989. The unification of two Germanys completed in 1990. West German politicians vowed to help East Germany […]

Whereabouts of kidnapped girls still unknown

It has been almost six months since the Islamic group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 Nigerian school girls in the northeastern part of the country from a government run Secondary School. By May of 2014, 53 girls have escaped. It appears that extremists are still holding 219 teen age girls and the government is unable to […]