Jihadi killings worldwide on the rise

According to the BBC, several thousand people including innocent children and women are killed every month worldwide by jihadists. Four of the most affected countries include Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Syria. Many of the killings are done by extremists groups including Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban and the Islamic State (IS) militants. The sad part of the story is more civilians are affected by their attacks. Attacks are not only on non-Muslims, Shia and Sunni Muslims are also subjects of jihadi attacks.

Appearing more often in the Quran, Jihad is an Islamic term referring to religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic the word implies resisting or struggle. Religious experts interpret the word to mean struggle against those who do not believe Allah, the Islamic god or those who do not practice Islam. This is more often jihadism and more and more Muslims consider it as holy war. Armed struggle over non-believers and wrong doers is also known as jihadism. Muslim scholars give the word two meanings, inner struggle and physical struggle with non-believers and the forces against Islam. Muslims consider jihad as an important duty of each Muslim. An order for jihad war is given by the Caliph, an office of Ottoman sultans.