Solving Legal Disputes Over Construction

Construction projects are not prone to legal disputes, but they do happen in the industry. Contractors try their best to follow protocol, but deadlines are tight and materials sometimes don’t arrive when they need to. That’s not counting the host of problems that can happen during the planning or execution phase. Disputes eat up valuable time, and can cost you if you don’t have someone on your side. Consider hiring a construction claims expert if you want to solve your legal disputes.

Disputes over Materials

When there are disputes over the materials used in a construction project, an evaluation is made to determine the structural integrity of the materials. Steel that exhibits unusual wear and tear can present serious problems very quickly. A structural steel expert can conduct tests that determine the chemical composition of steel, and paint an accurate picture of exactly how strong the materials are.

Personnel Disputes

There are two kinds of disputes involving personnel: injuries and disputes over planning. Injuries affect a builder financially, but can also set the project back if the individual is out for long enough. Planners must be able to adapt to these challenges, and consultants often have methods to adjust scheduling or hire temporary help to bridge the gaps.

Hiring a Consultant

A consultant is basically someone in your corner. His or her job is to help you assess your needs during the execution phase of construction. On larger projects, a consultant is also there to help with record keeping. This is crucial when disputes arise, as your records are your best defense.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a steel fabrication and expert witness with state certification. Lyle Charles has experience in construction claim preparation, and helps small and mid-sized contractors settle disputes through mediation.