Whereabouts of kidnapped girls still unknown

It has been almost six months since the Islamic group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 Nigerian school girls in the northeastern part of the country from a government run Secondary School. By May of 2014, 53 girls have escaped. It appears that extremists are still holding 219 teen age girls and the government is unable to locate them let alone rescue them. According to some other published reports, the number of girls Boko Harm still holding could be as high as 276. Apparently two girls have died from snake bites while in captivity according to a mediator. Since the abduction, 11 parents of abducted girls died in the town of Chibok due to attacks and stress.

Boko Haram warned in a taped video that they will sell girls into slavery and as child brides if their demands are not met. They also claimed that all girls have converted to Islam from Christianity. Residents of the Chibok city are more critical of the government’s inaction and recently appealed to the United Nations calling for troops. In the meantime, the Nigerian government is claiming that they are doing all they can to rescue girls. “Bring Back Our Girls” is a worldwide campaign to find and bring missing girls home to their parents.