Nobel Peace Prize for Malala Yousafzai

The school girl that Taliban shot in the head at close range and got seriously injured while going home in a school bus after school shocked the world in October 2012. She was a fearless fighter for educating women in Taliban dominated northwest Pakistan. After the assassination attempt, the Pakistani government sent her to Birmingham, England for treatment and she started campaigning for her cause, educating young girls in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world, while she is recovering and attending school.

The announcement of Malala winning the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize along with an Indian child rights campaigner, Kailash Satyarthi make history in many ways. Malala is not only the youngest ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize at the young age of 17, but also the 16th women among those 95 who were awarded the coveted Nobel Prize. She first came to the attention of the world in 2009 due to her anonymous diary for BBC Urdu that detailed Taliban rule in the swat Valley, an area in northwest Pakistan. She has seen by world leaders and dignitaries including the Queen of England and delivered an address before the United Nations. She is still working hard to promote her cause and well deserve the Nobel.