Limited options for Malaysian Airlines

Faced with two recent disasters of global scale, Malaysian Airlines is looking to restructure and reorganizing the majority government owned entity made headlines recently. It may take a new name rather than trying to clean up the image of the existing. Within a six-month period, Malaysian Airlines lost two aircrafts with lots of people inside. Search is still ongoing in South Indian Ocean for the first missing airliner that was on a routine trip to China from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Investigators are still negotiating with Russian backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine to get full access to the crash site of the second airliner that appears to have brought down by a surface air missile.

It will be a daunting task to rebuild the company. It requires overcoming the notion that it was involved with two costly air disasters and needs to look for new investors to rebuild the company. Troubled routs may have to be discontinued and look into new routes in an already crowded air space.

The second disaster brings safety of flying commercial airliners over troubled areas of the world. Many are promoting the idea of creating one global entity to monitor civilian and commercial air travel in the world.