How to Start a Soccer Club

Starting a soccer club in your home town takes dedication and work, but it’s possible to convert your average 4-person squad into a team of eleven with soccer uniforms in no time! You need an affiliation, so you can actually play against other teams, but once you’ve gotten your foot in the door the rest is action! If you want to start a soccer club for the kids in your home town, or school, read on for tips on what you need and how to get it.


You need to join a league so that your squads can play against other teams in the league. Joining an affiliation also lets you apply for liability insurance, which protects your play. US Youth Soccer is the biggest league, but AYSO is equally well-known. Registration fees can be as high as $22 per player, but this is a cost shared by all who join the league.

Find Other Teams

Other teams exist in other clubs, which can be a difficult rivalry to over come. Parents can get really into the competition, so this tip takes some finesse. Ask around at other clubs about how they started, and if they would be willing to start competing against your team. Remember to keep it as friendly as possible.

Find Available Fields

IF you have nowhere to practice or play, there is little you can do to maintain a soccer league. Talk with local schools to see if you can use their fields. Parks are another great source of practice space, but you may need to rent the space ahead of time.


The teams in your club will need some gear to get started. A ball is the most important item, but a goal net is also important. These are easy items to order online, but they may require some assembly on your part. You should also talk to parents about soccer clothes and come to a decision on what the club will provide versus what parents will supply. Children may want to get shin guards or goalie gloves that the club may not necessarily feel the need to pay for.


The backbone of any kids soccer league is the parental support the organization receives. You need coaches who are knowledgeable in the game of soccer to coach kids, and parents willing to help set up the fields for each game. Parents make or break a league, so establish a strong network as soon as possible.


A website is the best tool you have to organize your soccer club. It helps parents know practice schedules, learn how to sign up to a league and directs inquiries to the responsible volunteers. There are some prebuilt solutions, or you can opt for a WordPress page. Try to keep this step as simple as possible.


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