Fixes to

Computer software glitches prevented enrollment of many prospective seekers of Federal healthcare coverage in November and some part of December 2013. It appears that many of the state run exchanges performed well with minor issues compared the Federal exchange. The Obama Administration took quick actions to fix many of the problems, a reaction to a public outcry. After making over 400 fixes, now it claims that the site is loading less than one second compared to previous eight second reaction time, crashes less than one percent compared to six percent earlier and the Web site is operating more than 90 percent of the time.

The Congressional Budget Office earlier expected more than seven million uninsured to enroll for 2014 healthcare coverage. However, computer problems prevented many from enrolling with According to numbers published by the Obama Administration more than 1.1 million were registered at the end of December 2013. Many criticized the number of enrollment being so low and put the blame squarely on the Administration. As a result the Administration may extend certain deadlines, give additional time for small businesses to provide coverage for their employees and take many other measures to encourage enrollment of Americans without healthcare coverage.