Book Review: Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

This is a section from the book “Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue that talks about miracles. What are they? Can we cause them to occur?

What exactly is a miracle? Something that you may deem miraculous may appear ordinary to someone else. There are miracles all around the universe, but they aren’t actually miracles. They are the basic mechanisms of a complicated cosmic system.

We can become a part of the wonderful cosmos by connecting to boundless energy. Though this may appear to be a quantum physics problem, everything that exists sprang from the same source. Yes, there are countless versions on this theme, each with its own underlying reason, yet people interpret all this in different ways. The universe’s fundamental laws do not change. They work the same today as they did one million years ago.

The study of these riddles has the potential to enrich and improve our lives. It can assist us in the remarkable process of self-realization and evolution. We may go deep within ourselves to unlock our fullest potential if we perceive ourselves as related and part of an incredible Whole.

This is a quote from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“When getting almost there, many people may feel incomplete at first, as if having lost something in the heart, a feeling about the loss of the fulcrum; As if nothing more has any meaning, as if there were something that only you are unaware of.”