What Are the Most Common Dental Negligence Lawsuits?

Dental negligence lawsuits are more common than you might think. Every day, several patients become victims of the mistake or carelessness of a dentist. Some cases are more common than others. Dane Levy, a dentist negligence injury attorney who founded the Levy Law Firm, lists down some of the most common lawsuit cases he has experienced over the years of his career:

Extraction: Mistakes during tooth extraction are extremely common. Sometimes the wrong tooth is extracted, or some other mistake leads to the extraction of a healthy tooth.

Endodontic procedures: A root canal is a common dental procedure. Hence accidents related to it are also common. Some examples are instruments left in the canals, nerve damage, and infections.

Implants: Mistakes during dental implants can cause infections and lifetime issues.

Periodontal diseases: Failure to diagnose periodontal diseases due to not doing regular X-rays, not asking about the medical history of the patient, and other reasons are common.

Anesthesia issues: Not giving enough anesthesia or giving more anesthesia than required are both dangerous; the latter can even lead to death. Hence there are many cases related to this.

Orthodontics: Orthodontics is another branch of dentistry that deals with very concise matters like the misalignment of teeth. During the procedure, some common accidents include healthy teeth being affected or lost, nerve damage, and root resorption.

If you have faced any of these issues, you have full right to sue your dentist and demand compensation for your financial and physical loss. According to OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy, having the required evidence and a good lawyer would be enough for the trial to go in your favor.

But it’s extremely important to consult an experienced lawyer first. If you are in California, you can contact Mr. Dane Levy. With his years of experience in successful and unsuccessful cases, he will surely have useful advice for you.