Will the Scotland leave the perfect union?

Scots have their own Parliament, court system and many more but they are still part of the United Kingdom. A group of nationalists wants to sever their association with the UK and the Scotland will vote in an upcoming “yes” or “no” referendum scheduled for September 18, 2014. Age limit to cast a ballot for the referendum has been lowered to include many young Scots and they may be the key to tipping the vote one way or the other.

The world is paying attention to the surprise upcoming referendum. If they can sever 307 years of union, Scotland faces an uncertain future. Their economy is so interwoven with the rest of the United Kingdom. However, many dislike the grip of London on the entire UK. Many believe leaving the union will help Scotland and promote economic development and job growth. They are counting on North Sea oil income to pay for social programs. However, many financial institutions including banks are threatening to leave Scotland if it decides to leave the union.

The Northern Ireland and Wales are also closely watching the outcome of the referendum. So does many other parts of the world including Catalonia in Spain and eastern Ukraine.