Why everyone should have a chair cushion

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Do you have a job that requires you to sit for a long time? The human body was designed to be active and to keep good posture while going through the day’s activities. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck sitting in unhealthy slouched postures for hours at a time. This has adverse effects on your long-term health, but a good chair cushion can help mitigate the unhealthy consequences of sitting in the office.

Dr. Svetlana Parshenkova from OrthoSeatingHQ notes that sitting for too long can result in issues such as musculoskeletal pain, hemorrhoids, sciatica, and poor circulation. Dr. Edward R. Laskowski also links sitting for too long with digestive issues such as obesity, high blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Most of these issues are a result of pressure from sitting interfering with the body’s natural processes.

Foam cushions address these issues by reducing pressure on your back, tailbone, and hips. Alleviating this pressure also helps your circulation and digestion by allowing blood and nutrients to move unhindered by the compression on your lower body. Foam’s malleability also provides more comfort, allowing you to stay relaxed and motivated for longer. It will reduce the temptation to slouch or lean forward and make it more comfortable to maintain a healthy upright posture.

You can order foam seat cushions today from The Foam Factory. You can choose from their selection of shapes, or you can ask for custom-cut seat cushions made according to your specifications. Contact The Foam Factory for more details at info@foambymail.com or call them at 586-627-3626.