Ukraine draft continues while the crisis is still moving on

A Russian backed insurgency is ravaging the Southeastern part of Ukraine since mid-April 2014. Since the Cold War ended, Russia has been building its armed forces. Its army estimated to be about 800,000 strong. The estimated 70,000 men and women in the Ukrainian army is no match for Russian army in numbers as well as fire power. Ukrainian army is also poorly equipped and lack training and discipline. As of this writing Ukrainian army reportedly lost 363 soldiers and scores of others have been wounded. Russia backed separatist forces number more than 15,000 according to some estimates. However, heavy fighting between the two groups resulted in losing some Ukrainian land to separatists and the army is in the process of concurring back some of what they lost. Heavy fighting is taking place in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the Eastern Ukraine. No end to the conflict is seen at this time.

Ukraine law allows young men to be drafted during war times and since March 2014 more and more are drafted every day. The current calling is the third round. Draftees will be trained for several days to months depending on the job at hand and their skill levels.