The Berlin Air Show

The 2012 Berlin Air Show by the ILA will be held in September 11 – 16, 2012. Airbus is expected to complete its target of 600 planes for the year at the show according to news sources. At orders for 798 planes Boing is the world’s largest maker of planes.

The Berlin show will showcase advanced aviation and space technology on the ground and in the air. The biannual show is held at Schonefeld, Brandenburg next to the Berlin Brandenburg Airport some 18 kilometers south of Berlin, Germany. Its main floor includes exhibits of commercial aviation, aerospace, military aviation and aviation technology, equipment and engines, general aviation, and helicopters. This is not only the world’s most important, it is also the world’s oldest, started in 1909. At the 2012 show over 100 accompanying conferences are also scheduled at the venue.

1,153 exhibitors from 47 countries will be in attendance at the show. Organizers expect that some 235,000 visitors will attend the show. A mega total of at least $16.5 billion deals are expected to be made at the show. Airbus’ four divisions, Airbus, Astrium, Cassidian and Eurocopter will be in attendance. Air Asia is expected to place an order for 100 new Airbus planes at the show.