Streets of Egypt once again filled with demonstrators

Egyptians once again took to the streets in massive demonstrations in Cairo and other major cities throughout the country demanding that President Mohamed Mursi resign. He has been selected as the first Egyptian president elected by the public a year ago. Certain questionable actions including excessive power grab, taking a direction dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, failing to take steps to improve the failing economy and govern the country efficiently are among major concerns brought forward by the demonstrators. The Egyptian military is closely watching recent developments and may step in if necessary. Even though the military has been sidelined by President Mursi, their influence is still dominant inside the Egypt.

The Egyptian military is a formidable force in Egypt throughout its recent history. Muslim Brotherhood which was banned under the previous military regime played a major role in Mursi’s success into the presidency and still plays a major role in politics. The Egyptian society is highly divided based on religion, sectarian lines and economic status. The unemployment stands at 13 percent and is a major complaint of the general public. Foreign aid is coming at a slower speed than the country needs at this time.