Solving Disputes On Construction Turnaround Services

Time is always money in construction, but turnarounds are on an even tighter schedule. It’s crucial that these plant or refinery shut downs resolve themselves as quickly as possible. The companies paying for these operations are losing money every day their refineries cannot produce, which makes it unfortunate when disputes do occur. Disputes are common in construction, and resolving them quickly and fairly is crucial to continuing work without stoppage.

On-Site Arbitration

Construction disputes usually aren’t something you want to sit on for any period of time. They can mean severe work stoppages, especially when there are injuries or unsafe conditions. These situations require private mediation, in some cases on-site. Not every dispute needs this sense of immediacy, but sometimes the presence of a mediator can be helpful and ensure there aren’t any extended stoppages.

Claim Analysis

When you have a major claim, it’s important to understand what you’re filing and why. The type of claim determines everything about the documents you’ll need and how you plan to prove your case. You might want to hire an outside agency to review your documentation, especially if you have any doubts at all about your record keeping.

It’s also a good opportunity to review the merits of your claim, and decide how you want to proceed. If you attempt to go to trial, you may be risking any relationships that you’ve built up. Mediation is a better option for the sake of both costs and saving face, and it tends to present mutually beneficial resolutions.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting has helped project managers and commercial builders in planning, turnaround services and mediation. Lyle Charles is a certified expert witness, and an expert in steel fabrication.