Power of Egyptian military

Turmoil in Egypt is still continuing since its 2011 revolution that resulted in the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Field Marshal Abdelfatah al-Seesi who ousted democratically elected President Mohamed Mursi recently resigned from his army post to run for the next Egyptian election for President. Many expect him to be the next President of Egypt. Army’s might extend beyond politics.

Traditionally Egypt’s military plays a role let’s say control, in Egyptian affairs. It’s also the major power behind the Egyptian economy. Some say five to 40 percent of the Egyptian economy is controlled by the military. The Egyptian army operates hotels, gas stations, restaurants, cleaning services, makes refrigerators and washing machines, build homes, medical clinics and warehouses. Its army competes with other businesses for contracts and most recently winning substantial contract awards for infrastructure including road paving. Military boast about its on time delivery of projects under budget. Military uses subcontractors. During emergencies, the government can award projects to the military without going through normal bidding process. Other Arab countries such as United Arab Emirates (UAE) are making a substantial investment in the Egypt too. People of Egypt are crying foul because of the amount of projects awarded to the military.