Obamacare Web site causing havoc among many

An estimated seven millions who are currently uninsured are expected to sign up to get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act more commonly called Obamacare. Since the opening of the Federal healthcare exchange on October 1, 2013, many Americans are finding it difficult to log onto the Web site to sign up. The Web site is expected to allow people to compare plans, prices and then signup for coverage to begin on January 1, 2014. Some say the volume of traffic to the Web site is creating difficulties while others are claiming that the site was never ready by the date of implementation. This has caused the President’s approval rate to go down and many law makers of both parties, Democratic and Republican, to criticize government actions and those who are responsible to testify before the Congress.

The President is seeking help from IT industry experts and vowed to get the Web site running by the end of November 2013. Due to issues related to the Web site many expects the enrollment to be dismal at this point. No data has been released to show how many successfully enrolled. Many State programs are also facing technical difficulties but they are not at the same scale as the Federal program.