Getting a Construction Consulting Business Started

construction-consulting-businessConstruction consultants are expected to grow on or just below the average job growth pace for the next ten years, so more construction workers are looking to break into this field. If you have on the job experience, and you enjoy problem solving for construction projects (where the stakes can be quite high), then consulting may be the ideal career path for you. This career has an annual salary of close to $70,000 per year under, and it’s the gateway to business ownership and management.

Step One: Get Known as a Project Manager

Many times, owners don’t immediately recognize the need for construction advisory services until they’ve seen some deals go sour. Your job is to show them why they need someone to assume responsibility of the day-to-day aspects. If you can prove you’re a better alternative to someone’s current project manager, you have a lucrative foothold with people who are likely to use your services again.

Step Two: Make Your Value Known

More than how much you charge, or how your fee structure works, make your skills known and equate them to practical dollar values. Owners know that claims cost money and time, so specializing in construction claims management is a quick way for you to prove your value. Choosing a focus, and pursuing that focus, is crucial to your first few years.

Step Three: Certifications

The more certifications, degrees and awards you can get, the better. Start actively applying for these programs, and do the best you can to put your best face forward. If you’re going to hold an authoritative position, you should have a degree (or some qualifications) to back up your work.

For more than 40 years, Lyle Charles Consulting has performed construction claims management for businesses of all sizes.