Dwindling funding cause trouble for WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks came to the attention of the whole world after several U.S. secret documents were released by the online Web site. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holed up in Ecuadorian embassy in London his anti-secrecy Internet site is facing financial trouble according to some reports on the Internet. When Assange revealed classified U.S. secret documents obtained from Bradley Manning, donations to the site started to pour in. According to some estimates, the Web site received more than $1,285 a day when Edward Snowden tied up with WikiLeaks and start to reveal damaging U.S. information collections on its citizens, many other individuals and nations. Bradley manning facing charges and Edward Snowden in Russia, donations now dwindle down to about $130 a day. It received only €69,000 during 2012 only from one source.

Visa Europe, MasterCard, and American Express have stopped processing payments to WikiLeaks in 2010 when Assange was wanted by the Swedish government to face rape charges in Sweden. Others such as PayPal, Bank of America and Western Union also joined the parade and suspended payment processing to WikiLeaks when U.S. Army’s Bradley Manning leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks. It appears that its financial troubles are escalating and its future is becoming uncertain.