Boko Harm Kidnap schoolgirls to promote their cause

Large groups of female kidnappings in Nigeria becoming more prevalent lately. Nearly three months ago more than 200 innocent schoolgirls have been abducted from a secondary school during broad daylight at a secondary school in the Northeast area of the country in the village of Chibok. More than 50 girls have since escaped the captors […]

Is anyone recognizing the Syrian Presidential election?

According to news reports coming from Syria, President Bashar al-Assad reelected for another term receiving 88.7 percent of the vote during the just concluded Presidential Election. When he came to power fourteen years ago, he ran unopposed and receiver 99 percent of the vote. This year, election was held in early May 2014 and voting […]

Here’s why Ukraine matters to everyone

Ukraine has become a hot bed of international dealings lately. Russia has assembled a huge army with weapons drawn just a stone throw away from the eastern border of Ukraine. Russian annexation of Crimea within the last month demonstrates that Russian forces are ready to force their way into eastern Ukraine at moment notice. Why […]

Ukraine in turmoil

Ukraine began to make headlines in February 2014. In the history of the country Ukraine has been maintaining close ties with Russia. It gets its energy needs especially gas from Russia at a subsidized rate and Russian gas lines runs through Ukraine to reach Europe where it makes most of its foreign sales and income. […]

Crime riddle Venezuela falls into political chaos

Since the death of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it appears that the country is experiencing increased violence and a bit of political turmoil. Killing of former Miss Venezuela and her husband in front of their five year old daughter when crashed their car made the headlines. Now people are taking to the street demanding […]

Unrest in Thailand continues

Thailand is not new to political uproars and loss of lives over politics. The latest political drama involves some people in cities including Bangkok rioting against the current government that has clear ties with the old regime that people got rid of. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is the sister of former billionaire Prime Minister Thaksin […]

Nuclear deal between world powers and Iran

In late November 2013, six world powers (the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Russia and China) reached an interim agreement with Iran in regard to Iran’s much controversial nuclear program after three days of negotiations in Geneva. The agreement calls for Iran to limit certain nuclear activities for six month in return for relief from Western […]

Ukraine in turmoil over a trade agreement

The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is not new to facing controversies. In 2004, as President he faced public outcry when he tried to steal Presidential elections. Once again he is facing angry Ukrainians because as the current President he signed a trade deal to align with Russia instead of much popular and widely expected trade […]

World powers to make a possible nuclear deal with Iran

Six world power players including the United States made an interim agreement with Iran in late November 2013 after a three-day meeting with Iranian negotiators in Geneva. Other members include Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France and China. The six-month interim deal will require Iran to limit its activities related to its nuclear actions in return […]

New leadership in China wants to go back to Maoism

The new Chinese President, Xi Jinping, thinks that China is rapidly moving away from Mao’s fundamentals and towards excessive ambitions. Mao Zedong championed learning from the masses and staying close to its people. The new conservative President is starting with 85 million strong party officials and making an attempt to rid the nation of corruptions […]