An affordable smartphone from Apple

The news media is buzzing with a possibility of an Apple mini iPhone.  News reports indicate that Apple started working on a smaller, affordable iPhone in 2011 to compete with Samsung Electronics especially in developing countries.  Samsung uses free Android mobile software from Google in its smartphones.  Bloomberg Businessweek expects the price to be $99 to $149 without any career contract.  Some reports indicates that Apple also talking to U.S. carriers for the phone too.  It is expected to hit the market in late 2013.

Many analysts who are covering Apple for years expect Apple to introduce more than dozen new and refreshed products in 2013.  The impressive list includes two new iPhone models among others.  Apple didn’t attend the CES in Las Vegas, but during the weeklong event, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is testing a new iPhone with cheaper materials.  Many expect that the new phone will have cheaper but thicker (8.2 mm) plastic enclosure that will be available in six colors.  One other reason why Apple will drop its 7.6 mm aluminum cover is Foxconn who manufacture iPhone reportedly complained that iPhone 5’s body is hard to manufacture.  Plastic will allow it to drop the price and easier to manufacture.