A judge put the NFL agreement with former players in limbo

The National Football League (NFL) in a historic agreement with former players in August 2013 agreed to form a $765 million fund to settle a class-action suits arising from concussion-related brain injuries. An estimated 18,000 former players would be eligible. The agreement calls for compensation, pay for medical exams and underwrite research into concussion-related matters. The proposed settlement expects to cap individual awards to $5 million for Alzheimer’s, $4 million for brain injuries, and $3 million for those players suffering from dementia. More than 4,500 former players are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression related issues and others that are blamed on the game. Notable players who were involved with law suits with the NFL include the family of Pro Bowl linebacker Junior Seau, Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett and Super Bowl winning quarterback Jim McMahon.

However, a U.S. District Court judge in Philadelphia has recently rejected the initial settlement agreement reached by the NFL with its former players. The judge expressed her concern that the agreed sum may not be enough to cover all injured players. The Court intends to conduct its own investigation into the fairness and the adequacy of the proposed settlement.