7 stylish Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your well-dressed boyfriend or husband

Article provided by MemorableGifts.com

Do you have a special fashion-conscious man in your life? We’ve compiled a list of 7 eye-catching items we think he’ll enjoy.

1.  Personalized wooden necktie

A necktie made of wood is a visually arresting fashion statement everyone at your next party will be buzzing about. Modern-day clothing designers have a knack for creating wooden ties that look great and feel great to wear.

2.  Ray-Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban has been one of the most trusted sunglass brands since the 30s. Their lenses are fantastic at blocking out glare, and their frame designs are creative and diverse. This is one gift that’s both stylish and practical.

Swatch Men’s Watch

Swatch Men’s Watches showcase the unparalleled Swiss craftsmanship that has allowed Swatch to become one of the largest watch brands in the world. Choose from different watch designs ranging from the simple and minimalistic to the bold and daring.

Brixton fedora hat

Brixton is known for its high-quality materials and exquisite hat designs. Give your man a Brixton fedora to bring home the dapper stylings of the 40s and 50s.

  Personalized modern metal cufflinks and tie clip set

For work and formal gatherings, this polished set of cuff links with a tie clip looks elegant and comes with an added personal touch, as you can add your boyfriend or husband’s initials to the cufflinks.

Silver pocket watch with chain

If your special man is an old soul with an eye for vintage style, he might enjoy having this engraved silver pocket watch that’s useful for telling time and looking cultured.

Fossil men’s wallet

A wallet is a must-have for every man, so why not get one that looks great and will last for years? Fossil’s wallets carry a tough leather look and can even come with RFID blocking, preventing thieves from scanning your credit card number.