3D Printing Contact Lenses to Be the Next Big Wearable

3D printing has been around for a few years now but people have been quick to find new and creative ways to use the platform. People have used this sort of technology in a variety of creative ways that have helped prove just how useful the tool can be. Contact lenses that have been crafted through the use of 3D printing


Having the ability to create very specific products that fit your needs without needing access to an entire manufacturing plant can allow people to experiment and see how far the technology can be pushed. Devices that you can wear, from fitness trackers to watches that can display information synced from your phone, have grown in popularity over the last few years. There are certain situations where you might want certain information quickly, without needing to pull out your phone. 3D printed contact lenses may be the next step to make this integration even more seamless. In the future you may be able to comfortably purchase them the next time you need to buy contact lenses. Being able to try out different components and different formats can

Health Applications

The health applications that are being developed with 3D printed contact lenses can drastically change people’s lives. Using highly advanced sensors, these lenses that fit as well as contacts from Lens.com will be able to closely monitor the health of someone’s eyes and be able to detect fatigue. This can be particularly helpful for someone like a pilot who has a lot to be aware of and has to be able to operate in an intense environment.