Social Media Marketing is a must

Article submitted by iClimber.

Social Media is the “hottest” topic on the Internet today. If you’ve been thinking about getting on board, but you’re not sure where the platform is, let’s take a minute to talk about the “Who, What, When, Where, and How” of social media and you, that’s “Who.” Then you can make a better decision about whether to add Social Media to your business strategy.

Social media marketing may be very much like, and entirely unlike, any marketing strategy you’ve contemplated. In the “very much like” category, you wouldn’t consider any kind of marketing plan without taking the time to understand what it’s about and what you want to get from it. What are your goals? Once you know what you want, it’ll be easier for you to use social media to your greatest advantage.

Before you actually start your social media effort, it will be highly important for you to make certain that you “own your name” on all the social media outlets, i.e., be certain that your name or your clinic’s name is procurable so that you can use precisely same name on all of the social channels you desire to use. You will need to check popular social media sites manually for your names availability. You can also hire a professional social media firm that may be able to do this search for you and register your on different social media sites.

When you have secured all of your social media accounts, the next step is to make a decision as to where you would like to be active. Initially only a small number of social media sites is preferable because, let’s face it, you have a clinic to run and patients to see. You won’t want to get involved in too many social media sites. How do decide which sites are best for you? The big ones (where most of the action is) are facebook, twitter, linkedin, and Youtube.

What successful social media activity will do for you is build a genuine presence in your community. What is definitely a no-no is for you to try to “sell” on your social media sites, that means don’t sell your chiropractic services, don’t sell products, don’t sell anything! The objective of social media is for you to have an addition channel through which to network with the community. Of course, let them become aware what you do, but do it by participating in the conversation. There is really no difference between the way social networking works and the way you normally network offline. People on social media sites don’t want to be sold to, plain and simply. Social media sites are a lot like a neighborhood backyard barbecue. People are standing around having a conversation about who they are and what they do, and then a person asks you what you do. Or, maybe you start the conversation by simply stating, “Hello, I’m Dr. ____. The same kind of interaction applies with social media. “Work” your social media sites in the same way you’d work your offline networking communities, which is to say, answer the questions and concerns that let people know who you are and gets them interested in the who that’s you!

Article submitted by iClimber. iClimber offers social media marketing services and social media profile registrations on up to 500 social media sites.