What to Do with Old Seat Cushions

Upgrading your furniture is exciting! But in the midst of all the fun, you may be stuck wondering what to do with those old seat cushions. Don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas for you courtesy of The Foam Factory. From repurposing them into a pet bed to donating them to a charity or school – there are plenty of ways to make sure those old cushions don’t go to waste.

Repurpose Them into Pet Beds

If you’re crafty, consider repurposing those old seat cushions into a hip pet bed. All you need is the cushion and some fabric. Measure out the cushion and cut out pieces of fabric that will cover it (you can also use an old tablecloth or sheet). Sew around each side and stuff the cushion inside. Then sew up the remaining edges and voila – you have a brand new pet bed! Not only is it cute, but it’s also cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Donate Them

If sewing isn’t your thing, consider donating them to a charity or school – they’re often in need of just this sort of item. You can also donate your seat cushions if the foam is still in good condition to shelters or other donation centers where less fortunate individuals can use them for comfort. It’s always nice to think about how you can help people in need while getting rid of something that no longer serves its purpose in your home.

Don’t let those old seat cushions go to waste – find a new way to love and use them! Whether you decide to repurpose them into a pet bed or donate them, we hope that these ideas inspire you on how best to utilize those unused items lying around your house. So get creative and show those cushions some love!