Utilize Elegant Stylish Wicker Furniture from your Reception to your Boardroom

Spice Island Wicker is a wicker furniture range that can be paired easily and effortlessly with modern pieces. Combining both can make a boardroom or reception area look beautiful and inviting. Mixing the two styles makes a beautiful contrast and is uplifting and elegant.

There are many ways to incorporate and utilize wicker and rattan in an office environment. Consider adding some durable and versatile Wicker Chairs. Some other ways to use wicker and rattan include accentuating the offices with a wicker trunk used as a coffee table or a rattan bookshelf as a room divider.

Classic Rattan shows clients that your business supports sustainability and is eco-friendly. Rattan furniture is easy to maintain and seldom needs replacing. When furnishing your office choose to use neutral colors such as white or brown which are timeless. If your color palette is neutral you will be able to match your soft furnishings, window treatments, and artwork without effort.

Incorporate wicker and rattan accessories with your choice of the beautiful and sophisticated South Seas Rattan range of furniture. In a reception area matching your planters and lampshades ties the room together, All rattan accessories impact the overall decor style and can be used subtly to impress and add texture and interest to an otherwise stuffy boardroom.

Wicker Paradise has spent many years sourcing the highest quality wicker and rattan furniture for your homes and offices. An online company with an exceptional team of professionals that are always friendly and available to answer all your queries and questions. Wicker Paradise supplies a range of furniture and wicker and rattan accessories that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.