How to Attract Hummingbirds

Most of us love spending time outdoors. With all the video games and computer stuff, it’s refreshing to just step outside and get a whiff of fresh air. Families often spend time on weekends going to the lake for fishing or boating activities and these are wholesome ways to spend quality time with family and friends. But staying home has its perks too. There’s nothing better than hamburgers and hot dogs grilled over an open flame right out your back door. You’ll enjoying sitting around on wicker patio furniture.

The more time you spend outside in your own back yard, the more you may realize how many fun things you can do to make your back yard truly an oasis. It’s really more than an inexpensive way to get together with your friends and family and have a great time. It’s an exceptional way to make valuable improvements to your property. Whether you want to build a beautiful outdoor kitchen or just install an irrigation system so you don’t have to water the grass anymore, you usually get most of your investment back when you sell.

One thing that creates curb appeal and makes a house truly a home is planting flowers. There are a number of varieties which provide beauty but also fragrance. It’s important to choose hardy varieties that can withstand your unique climate. There are still many aromatic choices though and that’s the first thing to know about attracting hummingbirds: you must plant fragrant flowers. These include morning glories, four O’clocks, gardenias and Jasmine.

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