Replacing Your Boat Mattress and Seat Cushions

Boat mattress replacement can be one of those things you rarely think of and yet it’s so important for the comfort of your stay on the boat. Often, boat mattresses are hard and will leave you feeling achy after only one night’s rest. This is an easy fix though. There are all types of foam that would be comfortable and inexpensive. Check out a few of them:

Natural latex mattress

Memory foam mattress

Memory toppers

Latex toppers

Convoluted foam mattress

Conventional foam mattress

Foam mattresses for boats can easily be customized. That’s because foam is easy to cut into any size. You can cut the foam yourself or have this done for you. Most foam mattress sites such as The Foam Factory, can create one or a dozen. No box springs are necessary.

Foam seat cushions are also a great idea. Cushions on a boat can become wet. Bacteria will quickly grow once this happens. Boat cushions can smell moldy and be unpleasant to use. Replacing them is easy though. Measure the length and width, making a note of the thickness you’d like. If you’re on a budget, then purchase the foam yourself and make seat cushion covers for each cushion.

Though many people will use a plastic fabric to cover boat seat cushions, a nice cotton fabric may work better. That’s because plastic covers trap the moisture inside, while cotton fabric dries out easily. Just set the cushions out in the sunlight and they’ll be dry and fresh in no time.