How to Improve Communication With Your Employees

Article by Pierre Zarokian.

Summary: Employee communication goes beyond consistent work flow, it can dictate the success of a command center.

Working within the confines of an environment that solely depends on communication, data analysis, and quick response times, it only makes sense that every operator is on the same page. However, in today’s command centers, one fact that’s sorely lacking is the communication factor. Without interaction between operators, efficiency levels can plummet, and businesses can suffer because of this.

Promote Teamwork

While it’s easier said than done, a high-tech environment such as a mission-critical environment requires every party to be on the same page. And, if the center is operating 24/7, consistency is the key to success.

One way that you can improve communication between operators is to systematically incorporate teamwork into everything that each employee does in his daily work routine. For instance, create a system that thrives on working with teams. You can even designate a lead that takes control of monitoring performance and lends a helping hand when needed.

Each Specialist Has a Strength, Use It

For every employee that you hire, you have to remember that it’s because he can offer something new and valuable to the company. If you only placed people just to be cogs in a system, then you’re essentially dictating every direction. Instead, take advantage of the skills that each individual can bring to your center and use them to your advantage. If someone can provide quick data analysis for example, allocate him to a department that monitors each video wall and provide tasks that suits his specialty. The more you get out of your employees, the more proficient your company will run.

About the Author: Pierre Zarokian is an entrepreneur and CEO of Submit Express and Reputation Stars. Check out some of Pierre Zarokian’s book recommendations.