How to Get Comfortable in Your New Office

Summary: Check out these tips on how to get comfortable in your brand new office.

Some things really are worth the investment. When you spend a lot of time in a particular place you want to make sure you are comfortable, whether that be your house, the car you drive, or the hotels you stay in. The office you work in is no different. The average employee at a company will likely work from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, with a great deal of that time spent at their desk. How comfortable you feel in your workplace can actually have a large impact on your performance and productivity. If you are given the freedom to lay out your office as you see fit, consider the following tips on how best to get comfortable in your new office.

Stand While You Work

Most employees spend a lot of time at their desk, only getting up from their cushion when they have a meeting to attend, a meal break, or when they have to use the restroom. Studies have shown that this habit of sitting for long periods of time may actually be detrimental to people’s health. Scientists have extensively researched the topic and have concluded that sedentary behavior is dangerous, with some even comparing sitting to smoking.

Sitting for too long, which has been linked to negative things like heart problems, weight gain, and type 2 diabetes, can be addressed by investing in a standing desk. These elevated desks allow you to work as you normally would, but with the added ability to easily stretch your legs, move around, and have a healthier blood-flow throughout your body. Some of the pricier and more sophisticated desks are built with motors that actually allow you to easily alternate between a standing desk and a normal sitting one. These hybrid desks are highly recommended.

If you opt for a desk that allows you to stand or sit, look into purchasing a quality, ergonomic chair. The Foam Factory and other stores offer memory foam cushions that are great for your back and can help with posture. Hard and inflexible office chairs can create back and neck pain and have negative long-term effects on the body.

Let the Light In

It is not uncommon for the only source of light in an office to be coming from inside. A study by Northwestern Medicine has stressed the importance of natural light exposure, suggesting that office workers who are exposed to more sunlight sleep longer, are more physically active, and are happier than those who are not. Exposure to sunlight, especially early in the day, can boost one’s mood, metabolism, and level of concentration. If your office layout permits it, consider working near a window with blinds that allow natural sunlight to come in.