Best Types of Meditation for Good Health

In her book, Zhang Xinyue speaks about how meditation can help us find our center:

“When stuck by an incident in your life, don’t try to deal with it in haste, but go for a self-examination, dig deep into your selfhood. Find the root cause at the ideological level. Clear up this defect and the situation will improve on its own. Growth can rescue you from the crisis.”

Zhang Xinyue recommends these five types of meditation for your good health.

Spiritual meditation is all about connecting to a higher power. As we focus of the creator of the universe, we can begin to see how small we are and yet how powerful.

Movement meditation includes practices like Yoga. The idea here is to move in some type of rhythm. You can play soft music in the background and that will help guide you.

Transcendental meditation uses a phrase or series of words that are important to you. Try various phrases to see how beneficial they are.

Mindfulness meditation teaches us to examine the thoughts that move through our minds. Instead of letting all types of things come and go from your thinking, take time to see why certain ideas are presenting themselves.

Visualization meditation focuses on enhancing our feelings of peace by visualizing positive scenes or images. Try to use all five senses to add detail where possible.

In her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue author of the book states:

“If we aim for a higher level, that depends on how many more defects we have than those at that level. Clear them up! Receive more wellbeing!”