Your Government Supports Small Business Owners

During the Pandemic, America’s small businesses have suffered and some did not make it. Just as the government helped individuals with stimulus payments, we also helped small business owners. President Biden approved almost $2 trillion dollars in federal aid for small business owners. And why did he do that? Because he understands how important it is for America’s economy that these companies remain strong.

You see, most people in towns across America are employed by a small business in their community. You may be working at retail store, a restaurant or a drug store, but you rely on that paycheck each week. That’s how America’s economy works. People get great ideas for a business, they find the money to get it set up and they hire employees.

“They generate jobs and revenue for the community,” adds Justin JD Rossetti.

This may sound great and yet all businesses have their ups and downs. Even larger enterprises with hundreds of employees go through slumps. The difference is that this ripple in sales is felt much stronger in a small business than in a larger one. Though it can be easy to get frustrated, you’ve invested time and money into your business. At the end of the day, it’s worth it to keep moving forward and working through difficulties and trials that come along with small business ownership.

Rep. Justin JD Rossetti comments, “My small business was so important for my family and it helped us create the lifestyle we desired. We understand the struggles that business owners deal with.”

Rep. JD Rossetti (D-Longview) is a small business owner, school board director and youth baseball coach who lives in Longview with his wife and three boys.