COVID-19 anxiety syndrome

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

After over a year of facing restrictions, several people are finding it difficult to adapt to “normal life”. Covid-19 anxiety syndrome has become a common mental condition that involves compulsive checking and staying indoors, although risks are minimal. Other symptoms of this syndrome include anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Researchers say that such disorders are common in instances where a global health emergency arises. As more people face interruptions in their lives, the level of fear and worry over the impact of their situation increases.

Studies indicate that the development of this condition mostly affects people who believe that the world is unsafe. Additionally, those with OCD tendencies will be at higher risk as their feelings will be magnified. Symptoms can also affect those who have a low tolerance to uncertainty and those who believe they are sick when they are healthy. Other factors that can increase the condition include constant exposure to social media, news, and disruptions to a person’s daily routine due to the situation in a person’s country or state.

However, those who are extroverts, agreeable, and conscientious have a lower chance of being affected. To reduce the feelings associated with the syndrome it is key to seek out positive information. Sufferers should also include normalcy into their lives slowly while continuing to wear masks and sanitize. Talking to family and friends about their fears can build confidence to venture outside. Staying away from negative media posts and only exposing oneself once a day to news can help people stay positive.

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Francis Dunn Miami Florida

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