A Guide to Light Truck Tires

Light truck tires are tires that are used for light trucks and SUVs. These types of tires have several benefits including better snow traction, more mileage and added safety. The design tread on these types of tires have a better gripping edge for better traction in the snow. The tires have more mileage due to the construction that equally distributes the power of acceleration, cornering and braking.

             Mining tires nj are durable for underground mining. Mining tires are designed with special treads that are specific to mining applications. These tires are heavy-duty tires that are rugged and are able to handle the mining industry transportation. There are also smooth mining tires that are ideal for transporting and hauling mining materials. Larger mining tires have a more aggressive tread for larger mining jobs.

             Many people these days are choosing retreads because they are environmentally friendly. It only takes 7 gallons of oil to create a retread. Other reasons for retreads are that it saves the trucking industry over $2 billion per year. Also, retreads are extremely cost-effective which is important with transportation companies because tires are the costliest part of their budget. Retreads are often used on military jets, commercial jets, school buses, overnight delivery businesses and truckers because they are safe, dependable and reliable.